Prime100 is an independent Australian owned pet food manufacturer based in Melbourne. They are leaders in the industry manufacturing functional diets designed by Australia’s leading Veterinary specialists and nutritionists. We stock the Single Protein Diet (SPD) Rolls as well as the Singe Protein Treats (SPT) in store. The Prime100 SPD rolls include only the […]

Vetafarm Products

  Designed by vets, but perfect for pets, Vetafarm pet foods are focused on improving the welfare of little critters all over the country. Also creating specialty food for birds and reptiles. Vetafarms director, Dr Tony Gestier, has many years of experience as a practicing veterinarian as well as special qualifications in avian health and […]

Cherish Pet Food

Cherish nourishes mind, body and spirit. It’s packed full of super foods for a super life and has the perfect balance of nutrients and quality Australian ingredients to sustain good health and happiness. Pets love the flavour and you’ll love the difference you see in their total well being. Cherish is made by an Australian […]

Black Hawk

One of Australia’s most popular natural pet food brands, and for good reason, Black Hawk have a focus on holistic nutrition, meaning each ingredient works to support overall health, inside and out. Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives Black Hawk dog and cat foods are designed to give your pet everything they need, and […]

Ivory Coat

Australian made, natural goodness at every stage. With options for dogs and cats of every size, age and breed, all of Ivory Coat’s dry, wet and chilled products taste great, and offer complete and balanced nutrition. Ivory Coat offer a choice of wholegrain or grain-free dry dog food, as well as wet dog food and […]