WA Consolidated Grain Products

Locally grown and sourced seeds provide excellent bird seed mixes and single grains. Finch Mix 20kg, Large Parrot 20kg, Small Parrot 20kg, Pigeon Mix 20kg, Pigeon Breeder Mix 20kg, Budgie Mix 20kg, Avairy Mix20kg, Canary Mix 20kg.    


Eukanuba use high-quality ingredients, with animal-based protein at the heart of all their products. All the animal protein comes from animals that have passed as fit for human consumption. The philosophy of Eukanuba is to use high quality animal based proteins such as chicken, egg and fish as their primary protein sources. They systematically trace […]

Advance Pet Food

  ADVANCE super premium pet foods are scientifically formulated by Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition – a principal authority in pet nutrition science – to produce top-of-the-range nutrition for dogs and cats. Supported by 45 years of strict testing and Australian manufacturing, ADVANCE is a trusted name in pet food and is also recommended by […]